Mum smiles for selfie on family skiing trip just hours before she dropped down dead


A MUM smiles for a selfie on a family skiing trip – just three hours before she dropped down dead from a blood clot.

Samantha Abbotts had spent the last day of their break in Morzine, France, enjoying the slopes with husband Kevin and their 13-year-old son Josh.

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Samantha Abbotts smiles to the camera before she suddenly dropped dead[/caption]

But the dental nurse fell suddenly ill when she went to use a restaurant toilet while the others waited outside.

After hearing a commotion, Kevin and Josh rushed inside to find 44-year-old Samantha lying on the floor and a Dutch doctor had started CPR.

Samantha, from Alsager, Cheshire, was pronounced dead at the scene on January 25 after a blood clot from her leg moved into her lung.

Grief-stricken husband Kevin, 44, said: “It was the last day of our holiday. We’d spent the day skiing from 9am. In the morning we skied over to Switzerland and came back into France.

“We had stopped off at a restaurant and just before we set off again Sam went to the loo and collapsed unconscious.

She was always smiling, always happy. She would talk to anybody and was just so full of life. She was my best friend.

Kevin Abbotts, husband

“I didn’t see it happen because we were sat outside. She’d been gone about 10 minutes.

“We first noticed something was wrong when the lady behind the bar was running around. That’s when the Dutch doctors came over and started helping. It went on for about an hour.

“Me and Josh stayed nearby and initially they said it was a heart attack and that they were flying paramedics in by helicopter. A local doctor from the hospital arrived and they had a chat and he made the decision to stop CPR.

“She had a blood clot from her legs that had gone to her lungs. They said she wouldn’t of felt anything, just a bit of breathlessness then she just collapsed.

“Josh was very quiet after it happened, he was very close with his mum, and he still needs a hug every now and then. He’s gone back to school now with his mates and I’m hoping that’s going to help him.”

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Samantha Abbotts and her husband Kevin with one of their three children a few hours before she sadly passed away[/caption]

The couple’s older children Brendan, 17, and James, 16, were both at home when they were told over the phone by their dad that their mum had passed away.

Samantha and Kevin were married for 21 years after they met as 11-year-olds at Alsager High School and started dating when they were 14 and got engaged at 17.

Kevin added: “It’s just devastating. It was completely out of the blue.

It’s still a massive shock and we can’t believe it.

“She was always smiling, always happy. She would talk to anybody and was just so full of life. She was my best friend.”


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