Mum stunned to successfully give birth to IDENTICAL triplets nine weeks early



OVERJOYED: The first time Tanya got to hold all three of her baby sons (Pic: HULL LIVE)

Tanya Hall, 30, of Hessle, East Yorks, is overjoyed as her three sons — Austin, Rupert and Ethan — are breathing independently despite being born at just 31 weeks on April 26.

Sadly, there is a very slim chance of identical triplets being born healthy because they often share a single placenta between them and are born premature.

First-time mum Mrs Hall said: ”We found out I was pregnant at six weeks. Before we went for my scan my husband Kris joked and said he hoped we had twins, as his brother is (the dad of) non-identical twins.”

But staggeringly, the couple went one further and found out they were having triplets.


SUPER BUMP: Tanya was pregnant with THREE babies (Pic: HULL LIVE)

“Our three boys, Austin, Rupert and Ethan are little miracles as the survival rates of triplets is low, and we had complications”

Tanya Hall

The ultrasound was so unusual that baffled medics asked if they had undergone IVF, which increases the chance of non-identical multiples.

Mrs Hall added: ”During the scan, the nurse told us we had not one but two heartbeats, and so twins, then turned the screen and went to get a senior, who came back and confirmed we were having triplets.

“We then told them that they could stop counting, and they asked if we had IVF, but we hadn’t.

“Our three boys, Austin, Rupert and Ethan are little miracles as the survival rates of triplets is low, and we had complications through TTTS (twin-twin transfusion syndrome) as the babies were sharing one placenta, which meant one of them was getting an overload of blood flow from the placenta and the others weren’t.”


MIRACLE SONS: Surgery while in the womb let the babies survive (Pic: HULL LIVE)

Luckily, top surgeons were able to successfully “shave” the placenta so that each baby got enough oxygen and nutrients.

She revealed: ”I went to London for laser syndrome to treat it at 16 weeks where they basically stabbed into my womb to shave my placenta into three places to give each baby a chance, and thankfully they all survived the procedure, and I also had a litre and a half of amniotic fluid drained which shrunk my tummy.

“At 31 weeks and three days the triplets were born in Burnley and then we were taken over to Hull, with the babies being transported via helicopter and ambulance after ten days.”

Austin was born weighing 4lb, Ethan at 2lb 9oz and Rupert at 2lb 11oz.

Mrs Hall had a “rollercoaster” pregnancy as she and her husband only heard tragic stories from parents expecting multiples.


INCREDIBLE JOURNEY: Tanya said there were highs and lows (Pic: HULL LIVE)

In order to provide support for other mums and dads who may have gone through TTTS, Mr and Mrs Hall set up their Instagram page Triplet Tales.

Mrs Hall said: ”At 19 weeks we were told there was a high chance of labour, but when babies are born before 23 weeks we were told it is a disaster, and then even after this date there is only a 50/50 chance of survival.

“So it really was a miracle to get to 31 weeks, and throughout it was very up and down and we kept worrying that something would go wrong but had to focus on the present.

“We are also looking at the silver lining of the boys being in hospital and having the support, but we just can’t wait for them to be healthy and at home.”


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