Mum whose baby’s eczema was so bad she feared people might think he was abused claims he was ‘healed’ in two days by a £16.95 cream


A MUM whose baby’s eczema was so bad she feared people might think he was abused – claimed he’s been healed in two days by a £16.95 cream.

At just three months old, Archie McGifford suffered intense bleeding and cracked skin, on his face, elbows, back and knees.

Paige McGifford became tired of seeing her baby in so much agony. so she took matters in to her own hands
Archie McGifford had bleeding, cracked skin, on his face, elbows, back and knees

Paige McGifford, 21, began to fear leaving her house in case people would think he was being abused,

Doctors told her Archie would “grow out of it”, prescribing steroid cream for this dry skin.

Four months on, Archie was still not relieved of his symptoms.

Paige told MailOnline: “I was shocked because there was no way Archie’s condition could be described as ‘just dry skin’

“His skin, especially on his back, was just awful, and his sheets would be constantly stained with blood every time he slept.”

She decided to try high street creams as “it was so upsetting seeing my baby in such a state”.

But after a recommendation from a pal, she bought the £16.95 cream Baby Kingdom Collection and was amazed at the incredible results.

She added: “At best, I thought it may take a few weeks to have an effect, but the Baby Kingdom cream cleared it up in just two days which was just incredible and such a relief.

“I only wish I had found out about it earlier.”

Paige is now encouraging other parents to find ways to help their children, even if doctors say otherwise.


Eczema is a common dry skin condition.

The condition affects people of all ages, but is typically diagnosed in children.

Many young sufferers will grow out of their condition as they get older.

But, in many cases, flare ups in adulthood end up coming back to haunt people.

In the UK, one in five children are diagnosed with eczema, while one in 12 adults live with the condition.

Baby Kingdom Collection

Paige tried this body cream after her friend recommended it[/caption]

Archie’s skin cleared up in just two days, according to mum Paige

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