Mum’s ‘age appropriate’ chore guide says kids as young as TWO should do their own laundry sparking fierce parenting debate


WHETHER you’re the kind of parent who still tidies your child’s room well into their teens or not, the age you start implementing weekly chores varies from household to household.

However, a mum has sparked furious debate after sharing a guide of “age appropriate” chores online – and it includes children as young as TWO doing their laundry.


Would YOU make your two-year-old do chores?[/caption]

The list – which was shared by Sports Mom Survival Guide – has been labelled “irresponsible” after the mum asserted that children from 12 upwards are capable of baby-sitting their siblings, washing windows and ironing.

And let’s be honest, we still don’t feel old enough to clean the inside of our fridges – yet alone before we were even teenagers.

Divided into five “age appropriate” sections, the mum recommends that children aged between two and three are capable of putting laundry away, feeding pets, cleaning up their messes and even dusting. Sounds a little optimistic to us…

And according to this bonkers guide, five-year-olds should also be unloading the dishwasher, folding their clean washing, and setting the table before meals – seriously, are anyone’s kids this well behaved?


According to this bonkers guide, four-year-old should be loading and unloading the dishwasher at home[/caption]

And where children around seven-years-old are supposedly supposed to be pulling out weeds in the garden, the so-called guide even asserts that kids between nine and 11 years old should be mowing the grass and moping floors. No chance.

Unsurprisingly, the divisive guide has sparked fierce debate online – with many arguing that it put too much responsibility on children.

One replied: “Teach them how to pick up after themselves. But not to pick up after everyone else. If you’re a parent – especially a stay-at-home parent – that’s your job!”

Another added: “Kids should definitely help with chores but I fell like if they’re doing all these jobs, what chores are the parents doing?”

However, a third argued that this is “training for life”.

They wrote: “If they don’t learn it at home when will they? It also gives a child confidence in their own abilities and makes them feel useful and helpful.”

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