Mum’s horror after £60 blonde balayage turns her hair ‘orange, patchy and pink’


AS anyone who has ever dyed their hair blonde will already know, achieving your dream shade is a two-step process.

Firstly, you have to be willing to spent A LOT of time sitting in a salon and secondly – and perhaps more importantly – you need to find someone you really trust to do the job.


The woman ended up with streaky orange and pink tones in her hair rather than the natural sunkissed blonde she had in mind[/caption]

Unfortunately for one mum, her recent experience with balayage went horribly wrong when trying out a new hair colourist for the first time.

Posting pictures of her orange, patchy and strangely pink colour on Mumsnet, the woman wrote: “Went to a new hairdresser yesterday (tried a few now to find one I like) and she has completely and utterly ruined my hair.

“I asked for blonde balayage (which I’ve had before and really liked) and I’ve ended up with this.”

Unlike traditional highlights, balayage has a softer finish as the bleach is painted onto the hair to make it look more naturally sunkissed – but this mum’s patchy colour couldn’t be any further from what she wanted.


The woman posted a second photo on the site, complaining ‘there is no order’ to her colour[/caption]

What is balayage?

  • ‘Balayage’ is a French word for ‘sweep’ or ‘paint’ which alludes to how the hair-dyeing technique makes locks look sunkissed and natural
  • Unlike highlights, balayage has a softer finish
  • Hair stylists apply the bleach to the surface of the section rather than the roots to avoid streaks

Although her partner keeps trying to tell her “it’s not that bad”, the woman added: “It’s patchy, orange and awful.

“I didn’t realise how awful it was until my colleague asked me what had happened to my hair and took a photo to show me!”

Considering how she paid £60 for the colour, other users rallied around the woman and urged her to ask for a refund.

One replied: “I’m sorry to say but it looks awful. It’s like a lot of your strands of hair have 3 possibly 4 different colours in them – do I see pink tones on the right of the first picture?”



Horrified users encouraged the woman to ask for her money back[/caption]

Encouraging the woman to return to the salon, another added: “I can see how it would be nothing like you had in mind. Just go straight back, be polite and firm. Resist the offer to correct it.”

Despite demanding her money back, the mum was told by the hairdresser that “it’s not her fault my hair is so dark”. Yes, really.

“It’s a disgrace that the hairdresser would blame your hair,” a third user wrote. “Any decent hairdresser would be mortified as you are a walking advertisement for their work.”

“Who’s fault is it then?” another asked. “Only a crappy hairdresser would blame the client’s hair.”

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