My ex-boyfriend wants me back but I’m scared it will lead to more heartbreak


DEAR DEIDRE: MY former boyfriend is begging me to take him back but he’s left me for his ex so many times. Would it just lead to more heartbreak?

He is 23, I am 21. In the first month we dated he cheated with his ex and we split up for a weekend, but I wanted to be with him so much we got back together.

My former boyfriend kept cheating on me with his ex
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He promised not to get back in contact with her – but three months later he cheated with her again.

I forgave him. The following month he told his ex he loved and missed her.

He went back to her that evening and they slept together again.

They were an item for six weeks before he decided it wasn’t working and he cut all ties with her.

We met last weekend at a friend’s 21st birthday. Now he is begging me to take him back. He says he is in love with me and wants us to have a future.


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DEIDRE SAYS: He can’t just wipe away the past. You really need to understand what has led him back to his ex so often before you can feel confident he won’t do it all over again.

If it just seems to be that he gets bored with which ever girl he is with so heads back to the other one, then he is never going to make you, or any girl, happy.

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