My fling with Strictly Come Dancing star Saffron Barker’s boyfriend made vicious hate mob turn on me


A TEENAGER suffered a vicious hate campaign after she had a secret fling with Strictly contender Saffron Barker’s boyfriend.

YouTube celebrity Saffron, 19, dated Jake Mitchell, also 19, for more than a year before she was told he had cheated on her with Claudia Naya.

Claudia Naya claims to have been victim to online abuse from fans of <a href="">new Strictly contestant</a> and fellow YouTuber Saffron Barker

@saffronbarker/ Instagram

Saffron Barker has over two million subscribers on her YouTube Channel[/caption]

And Claudia — who thought he was single at the time — says she was targeted by Saffron’s millions of online followers in a vile onslaught of abuse.

Saffron — whose Instagram bio reads: “It’s cool to be kind” — even personally messaged a close friend of Claudia’s criticising her.

The teenager, who was studying at Hereford Sixth Form College at the time, was so upset by the wave of comments that she quit her course.

She says: “The bullying by Saffron’s followers was difficult to deal with at the time, so much so that I actually ended up leaving college due to the abuse I was getting.”

Saffron began dating social media star and musician Jake in 2015

At its height, 19-year-old Claudia was branded a “b***h” and a “tramp” as scores of furious fans posted messages telling her to “f*** off”.

Others accused her of “shagging Jake to get attention”.

Saffron, who is in Strictly’s latest line-up which was announced last week, has more than four million ­followers across her combined social channels.

Her YouTube videos get an average 15 million views a month.

I’ve tried so hard to get away from it and it’s hurtful that it’s still carrying on

There is no suggestion that she instructed fans to target Claudia following the cheating scandal.

But thanks to her popularity among fans, Claudia — who went to school with Saffron and Jake in Hereford — was still getting abuse months after the drama.

Speaking in an emotive video clip posted on YouTube in March 2017, Claudia pleads to Saffron and her fans to stop attacking her.

She says: “The situation sucks. I’ve tried so hard to get away from it and it’s hurtful that it’s still carrying on.

People need to realise that words you say on social media do hurt people

“I’m sorry Saffron feels a certain way about me, I’m sorry the whole situation happened. I’m obviously going to accept my mistakes, but everyone makes mistakes.

“We should be supporting each other instead of giving each other nasty comments and all this drama.

“It’s been three months. We need to drop it now.

“And I think people need to realise more that words you say on social media do hurt people a lot.”

Claudia says she ended up leaving college because of the abuse she was getting online

Saffron, who has more than two million followers on her YouTube channel alone, began dating social media star and musician Jake in 2015.

And the pair — who were nicknamed Jaffron — paraded their romance for fans in a series of gushing social media posts and video clips. But the relationship soured in December 2016, when Jake is understood to have uploaded a picture on Snapchat taken from someone’s bed.

When fans spotted that the bed was not his or Saffron’s, the internet exploded with speculation that he was cheating on his girlfriend.

Jake denied the rumours, but the couple broke up soon after.

Saffron was named as the fourth celebrity contestant taking part in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing

Claudia tells how she received a message from Saffron out of the blue, accusing her of being one of a number of girls he had cheated with.

In the video she says: “That was the first time I’d ever spoken to Saffron in my life and it was through Twitter.

“She messaged me and said, ‘I heard you’re one of the girls Jake cheated on me with’. I don’t know how Saffron knew, I have no idea how it got out to be me. I don’t know where this is all coming from because when we spoke, me and her got on well.

“When she messaged me, I instantly said, ‘I’m genuinely so sorry for everything that’s happened’. I genuinely had no idea.

The pair were labelled #Jaffron by their devoted online followers

“He had told me that they had broken up and obviously I know it’s wrong to even go there that soon. I apologised for that straight away.

“And she said, ‘No, I understand, honestly’. And she was so lovely about it, she was so nice to me.

“We both understood each other’s point of view.

“We were both annoyed at Jake because either we’d both been lied to or he wasn’t sure himself.


Claudia claims she believed Jake to be single[/caption]

“Jake obviously hurt me because he told me they weren’t together and apparently they were.”

YouTuber Jake, who boasts more than a million subscribers on the channel, told fans on Twitter at the time: “This is my personal life and I don’t want to share it on social media. I want you to know I never cheated on Saffron.”

But reacting to the message, Claudia, who has been close pals with Jake since 2014, admits she was “disappointed” he would sacrifice her friendship “for the sake of one tweet”.

Speaking about the backlash against her, she goes on: “It’s just such a shock to me, what’s happened.


“All the comments Saffron is putting on are obviously hurtful. I’ve never said anything negative about her on social media if I haven’t been defending myself about something she’s said about me.

“I tweeted a screenshot of something she put on her YouTube and said, ‘This isn’t fair, this isn’t true, guys’. And that’s the only mildly negative thing I’ve said about her.

“The reason I’m posting this now is that Saffron actually posted to one of my friends.”

In the message, sent to pal Amber Knight, Saffron writes: “I think you need to be careful who you hang around with because she isn’t a good or a nice person to be around.

Strictly 2019 star Saffron has over two million subscribers to her YouTube channel
Saffron insists she hasn’t thought about finding romance on Strictly
Saffron’s posts focus mainly on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and music

“She’s a horrible and nasty girl that I don’t want to be associated with.”

And Claudia says: “I thought if I don’t respond to what she has said, it makes it look like what she’s saying about me is true, and it’s not.”

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