My girlfriend knows I use drugs on and off but has no idea I’ve blown £40k


DEAR DEIDRE: MY girlfriend knows I use drugs occasionally but has no idea I’ve blown £40,000 on them. It’s unreal.

I’m in self-destruct mode. I love my girlfriend, who does everything for me. We have a lovely home and plan to marry next year.

My girlfriend knows I use drugs on and off but has no idea I’ve blown £40k
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I’m so lucky but can’t seem to help myself.

I spend hundreds of pounds every day and constantly dream up excuses as to where the money has gone. I’m 33, she is 34. She trusts me and accepts anything I say.

I don’t know how I’ve hidden it so well over the past two years. I have a high-pressure job and feel like I need the drugs to get through. I was paid too much too young and always use that as an excuse as to why I blow it on drugs.

I need help, quickly.

DEIDRE SAYS: Change is not easy but the good thing is you have realised you have a problem and need help. Don’t struggle on alone.

Tell your girlfriend you will get help – and mean it – but you need her support.

You can both get advice from FRANK (, 0300 123 6600). Look for safe ways to relax and get a buzz – running, say. It releases chemicals into the bloodstream for a natural high.

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