My husband cheated on me with our daughter’s teacher – but I’ve forgiven him to save our relationship


A DISTRAUGHT wife discovered her husband was having an affair with their daughter’s teacher, but still decided to forgive him.

The mum revealed her husband of seven years was cheating on her with their daughter’s piano teacher.

A wife was distraught after her husband of seven years was cheating on her

Writing to Yahoo’s Ask Audrey, the ‘torn wife’ says a friend spotted her cheating hubby and the music teacher “all over each other at a restaurant”, about two hours away from where they lived.

She confronted her partner, who initially denied everything, claiming he was away for work that weekend and the friend must have “mistaken him for someone else”.

But he soon confessed, admitting he’s been having an affair for about three weeks.

She wrote: “He told me she meant nothing to him and that he would call it off and never her again – and for the sake of our daughter, I decided to give him another chance.

Audrey suggested couple’s counselling for them

“As far as I know, they haven’t spoken since and I’ve found a new piano teacher for my daughter but I just can’t seem to move on from his betrayal.

“I feel humiliated, angry and devastated at what we’ve become. I don’t know if I can ever trust him again.”

And she added that the affair may have gone on for months, or even years, if he hadn’t have been caught.

She said she now feels “torn” after taking him back.

Unsurprisingly she found a new piano teacher for their daughter

Agony Aunt Audrey Griffen said her feelings were totally understandable, and said she would need a “multi-pronged” approach in order to be able to forgive him.

She suggested he does a lot of work on himself to figure out why he cheated, and she advised that they seek therapy individually as well as couple’s counselling.

Audrey added: “For your sake and your daughter’s sake, if you find that after you and your husband do all this work, that you can’t truly accept and move on from what’s happened, take a break.”

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