My monster boyfriend strangled me until I passed out and knocked out my front tooth – but I joined forces with his ex to jail him


A WOMAN who was battered so badly by her violent lover that she lost her front tooth has revealed how she reached out to his other victim to get him jailed.

Beth Harrison, 25, of Middlesbrough, and Danielle Smith, 32, of Redcar, North Yorks, bonded over seeing thug Andrew Brown, 27, put behind bars.

Beth Harrison’s ex Andrew Brown strangled her so hard she passed out in a brutal attack
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Both women testified against Brown in court – and he was jailed for 18 months after admitting to attacking Beth.

Beth met Brown, a removal man, in 2014 when he delivered a sofa to her home.

She didn’t hear from him again until February 2016, when he messaged her out of the blue on Instagram and invited her out for dinner.

Beth told Fabulous Digital: “I really fancied Andy, but when I told my friend about our date, she had a stark warning.

When she came round, she realised he had knocked out her front tooth
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“She told me she knew his ex-girlfriend, Danielle, and had heard he had a violent streak. I brushed off her comments and put it down to jealous ex partner.”

Unknown to Beth, Brown had indeed terrorised Danielle throughout their relationship.

In fact, Brown had already been convicted for his violence against Danielle during their two years together.

He pinned me on the bed and began strangling me. Then everything went black

Beth Harrison

Beth got caught up in a whirlwind relationship and, by April, the pair were living together after just two months of dating.

She said: “In July he was violent for the first time. He shoved me against the wall after I spoke to a male friend on the phone.

“He apologised and promised it wouldn’t happen again. I stupidly believed him.”

Brown was eventually jailed for his attack on Beth
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But Brown’s controlling behaviour escalated and he insisted on driving Beth to and from her job as a poker dealer every day.

She said: “During one car journey, he asked to borrow some money.

“When I refused, he grabbed my head and smacked it into the dashboard and threatened to drive me into roundabout. I was terrified.”

Beth was also left with bruises on her arm
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Just two months later in September, Brown left Beth fearing for her life.

He became infuriated when Beth received a text from a male friend, while the couple were watching TV together one night.

She said: “It was just my friend asking how I was, a harmless message, but Andy went berserk.

“He grabbed me by the hair and started hitting me. Then he dragged me into the bedroom.

“He pinned me on the bed and began strangling me. Then everything went black. When I came around, I tasted blood.”

I could see exposed bone. He’d hit me so hard, the skin on his knuckles had peeled off

Beth Harrison

When she awoke, Beth could see Brown standing in the corner of the room, clutching his hand.

She said: “I could see exposed bone. He’d hit me so hard, the skin on his knuckles had peeled off.

“I could barely see through my swollen eyes and my lip was split open. I realised my front tooth was missing too.”

Danielle Smith previously dated Brown for two years
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Beth was terrified but Brown threatened to kill her dogs if she tried to escape.

Seizing her moment, when his back was turned, Beth ran to the bathroom and took a picture of her battered face on her iPad – sending it to a friend.

Later that evening, Brown’s sister visited and he asked Beth to walk her home.

She said: “As I headed home, a car pulled up next to me. It was my mum. Luckily my friend had seen my message and called her.”

He kicked her with steel toe cap boots and threatened to stab her in one violent attack
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After escaping, Beth called the police and Brown was arrested and charged.

As she nervously awaited his court date, she remembered Brown’s ex Danielle – and got in touch through their mutual friend.

The pair shared their stories and saw Brown, of Middlesbrough, jailed at Teeside Crown Court – after he pleaded guilty to ABH against Beth.

The brute got 18 months for the attack on Beth and nine years for other offences.


Clare’s Law, also known as the Domestic Abuse Disclosure Scheme, allows people to find out if their partner has an abusive or violent past.

It was introduced in 2014 and is named after Clare Wood, who was killed by her ex in 2009.

She did not know he had a history of violence before they got together.

Under the law, people can apply to the police to find out if their partner has a violent past – and information will be released if there is a reason for concern.

Police can also contact women they are worried about, even if they’ve not been asked.

To make an application under Clare’s Law, call 101 to speak to your local police force.

If you are in immediate danger, always call 999.

Danielle, a crime and investigation student at Teeside University, met Brown in 2013.

She said: “At first he was romantic and caring, but soon he became violent – isolating me from my loved ones.

“He even manipulated me into getting a restraining order against my own parents, who begged me to leave him.

“Another time, he poured orange juice over my head and kicked me with steel toe cap boots. Then he threatened to stab me. I thought I was going to die.

He threatened to stab me. I thought I was going to die

Danielle Smith

“He also ordered me to crawl like a dog on my hands and knees.

“Eventually in March 2015, I fled and called the police.

“He was convicted of putting a person in fear of violence and harassment.

“He was ordered to pay £1,000 victim surcharge and complete 100 hours of community domestic violence service.

Brown was convicted, but not jailed, for the attack on Danielle
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“That obviously didn’t work as he continued to terrorise other women.

“When I heard about Beth I wanted her to know there was light at the end of the tunnel.

“I felt relieved when he was jailed. If anyone else is in that situation, I urge them to speak out before it’s too late.”

Beth added: “I will never forgive Andy for what he did. The only positive thing to come out of this was gaining a friend in Danielle.

“Now I’m telling my story to make sure others know what a monster he is and to stay well away.”

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