My partner never goes a day without drinking but won’t admit he has a problem


DEAR DEIDRE: MY partner never goes a day without drinking. His doctor says he is alcohol-dependent but my guy is in denial and won’t have it.

The first thing he thinks about is buying two large bottles of beer for the drive home after work. I do the driving, as he has lost his licence. As we get nearer home, he buys another four or six-pack of large cans.

My partner never goes a day without drinking but won’t admit he has a problem
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He drinks them while he is cooking dinner – he does like to cook – but falls asleep as soon as he has eaten. That is his routine every night. I’m fed up with keeping on at him. I am 43 and he is 45. We recently had a terrible row, all because of his drinking.

DEIDRE SAYS: Until he admits he has an alcohol problem, nothing will change. You can’t force him. There is probably history which he drinks to hide from, so stopping using alcohol to block out the pain feels scary.

Tell him you love him but his drinking is ruining life for you both. I am afraid your choice in the end may have to be to leave him.

My e-leaflet Dealing With A Problem Drinker can help.

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