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NBA players’ union lays out key 10 protocols for Disney restart


The NBA Players Association issued a memo to its players on the 22 teams whose seasons will continue with pre-Orlando and Disney World protocols in step-by-step phases.

Here are 10 highlights from the memo, which was obtained by The Post:

1. Players who are currently outside of the United States should have returned to their team’s home market by June 15 and all other players must return to their team’s home market by June 22 for mandatory testing beginning June 23. The only exception is the Toronto Raptors, who will travel directly to Naples, Fla. to practice at Florida Gulf Coast University. All test results are expected to have results within approximately 24 hours.

2. Once in market, players are expected to remain at home (with members of their household) and only leave for training or treatment at the team facility. It is also important that players speak to their team physicians about the medical conditions of residents of their household or potential guests to identify any household members who have risk factors.

The team will provide a hotel room for a player who has a household member that has risk factors.

3. Players may volunteer to participate in a Yale University study that has the goal of developing a saliva-based test for the coronavirus.

4. Non-participating players who are either “excused” or “protected” will not have their salary reduced as a result of their non-participation. The salary of any other player who chooses not to participate will be reduced by 1/92.6 for each game the player misses. Teams are prohibited from disciplining those who choose not to participate.

5. On July 1, individual workouts are mandatory for all players. Group workouts are still prohibited for medical reasons and no more than eight players will be permitted in the team’s facility at any one time. Head coaches may participate in and observe individual workouts. Head coaches had been banned thus far.

6. Teams will travel to Orlando on a staggered basis over July 7-9 to begin team activities. Upon arrival, players and team staff must stay isolated in their rooms until they return two negative PCR tests at least 24 hours apart (likely total of approximately 36-48 hours in-room). If both tests return a negative result, the player will no longer be quarantined. All 22 teams will stay at one of three Disney resorts, based on standings. The chosen three are the Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs, Grand Floridian and Yacht Club.

7. Players will have the option to wear a proximity alarm that will notify a player if he spends more than five seconds within 6 feet of another person on campus who is also wearing an alarm. It is optional for players. Players will also have the option of wearing an Oura smart ring that may help with the early detection of the coronavirus and will track temperature, respiratory and heart rate, and other measures.

8. Everyone on the NBA campus will be required to wear a face mask at all times, except when eating, in their individual rooms, during a workout or while engaged in a physical activity outdoors that is not within 6 feet of another person.

9. After the initial self-isolation through July 21, players may eat meals and participate in social activities (pingpong, golf, video games, card games, etc.) only with individuals residing within their hotel, provided that they maintain physical distancing. Also, until July 21, players are requested to have only brief interactions with players residing in other hotels that are encountered in common areas of the NBA campus.

10. No one will be prevented from leaving the NBA campus, but the expectation is that all players will remain on the campus. The NBA campus includes the several hotels housing players and staff, the Wide World of Sports complex, separate practice courts and various other auxiliary sites established like a golf course or medical facility. If a player leaves without prior approval, upon re-entry, he will be subject to enhanced testing.


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