Netflix fans are ‘f***** terrified’ by new documentary The Great Hack and say it’s the ‘craziest s***’ they’ve ever seen


NETFLIX fans have been left scared by new documentary The Great Hack.

The documentary gives insight into the Cambridge Analytical scandal, which saw millions of Facebook users’ data stolen in order to target them in political campaigns.

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Netflix fans have contemplated quitting social media after watching The Great Hack[/caption]

Despite only being up on the streaming site for a matter of weeks, viewers have already been left fearing for their online privacy, with some even contemplating deleting social media altogether.

One said: “I’d recommend watching the Great Hack. It’s enough to put you off Facebook forever. They know everything!!”

A second wrote: “Watched The Great HACK on NETFLIX! I feel so scared knowing that I’m out here sharing things about me.”

Another added: “I watched the great hack and i’m officially angry + scared oh shittt.”

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Brittany Kaisero blows the whistle on her former Cambridge Analytica employers[/caption]

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The Observer reporter Carole Cadwalladr appears in The Great Hack[/caption]

While another viewer compared the doc to that of a horror film, saying: “You want to see a film scarier than any horror movie that you’ve seen in your life? Watch the great hack in Netflix. I got terrified after.”

The critically acclaimed documentary directed by Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim follows Brittany Kaiser, a former Cambridge Analytica employee who blows the whistle on her previous employers’ connections and Christopher Wylie, a programmer and data analyst.

The official synopsis reads: “Data has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable asset. It’s being weaponised to wage cultural and political warfare. People everywhere are in a battle for control of our most intimate personal details.

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Viewers have been left scared by the documentaries claims[/caption]

“From award-winning filmmakers Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim, The Great Hack uncovers the dark world of data exploitation with astounding access to the personal journeys of key players on different sides of the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal.

“Academy Award nominees Amer and Noujaim (The Square, Control Room, continue their tradition of exploring the seismic ripples of social media with this riveting, complex film.

“The Great Hack forces us to question the origin of the information we consume daily. What do we give up when we tap that phone or keyboard and share ourselves in the digital age?”

And while the documentary may have left viewers on the edge of their seats the first time around, fans are begging its directors for a sequel.

Someone wrote: “When’s the “The Great Hack part 2” released? There has to be a sequel the first one was epic!”

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