Netflix fans terrified by new movie Pihu and say it’s ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’


NETFLIX watches have been left disturbed by new film Pihu.

The Indian drama sees a two year old girl named Pihu left alone after her dad goes away on business and her mother fails to wake up in their apartment.

The little girl is put into terrifying situations

The heart-stopping trailer sees the little girl wander around the apartment in horrendously real situations including burning herself on an iron and climbing onto a balcony.

Fans have been left disturbed by the trailer and took to Twitter to call it “the worst nightmare of a parent”.

One wrote: “If you have a weak heart, I suggest not to watch this movie Pihu.

“The movie is so disturbing it’ll stress you out for the whole freaking hour.

She is left alone with her mother’s body
The heart-stopping moment she climbs the balcony has seen parents say it is their worst nightmare

“But it’s a 10/10 for me; really a must-watch movie. The ending was heartbreaking but I really love it.”

A second said: “The movie #Pihu on Netflix had my anxiety on 1000000!!! Especially since I have a daughter what’s almost 2. I cried like three times.”

Another added: “Pihu trailer is speechless!

“The worst nightmare for parents and sweet girl Pihu! Fantastic trailer, hats off!”

A fourth commented: “I never thought a two-year-old protagonist could give me nerve wracking chills.

“If you have kids at home, you must see this movie. I wondered how did the director made this kid act. She’s a cutie btw. #Pihu”

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