Netflix’s Tales of the City – When is it on and who’s in the cast with Laura Linney and best reasons to watch


IT’S been 25 years since Armistaud Maupin’s novels Tales of the City were last televised.

And now a quarter of a century later it’s back but with a new story to tell. Here’s what we know so far…

Tales of the City is available to stream on Netflix on June 7

When is Netflix’s Tales of the City on?

The new Netflix miniseries will be available to stream VERY SOON.

Prepare to block out your diaries from June 7, 2019 as the show is scheduled to drop then.

And it is expected to play out in ten episodes – so there will be more than enough to chomp your teeth into.

Tales of the City is based on Armistaud Maupin’s nine books.

The Netflix miniseries follows Mary Ann (Linney) who returns home to San Francisco where she is reunited with her daughter Shawna (Ellen Page) and her ex-hubbie Brian twenty years after she left them behind to follow her career dreams.

Mary Ann has been leading a picture perfect but unstimulating life in Connecticut but after returning to her family in San Fran she finds herself drawn back to Anna Madrigal (Olympia Dukakis) and the other eccentric characters who live on 28 Barbary Lane.

Who’s in the cast with Laura Linney ?

The book was last adapted into a televised series in 1993
TV Company

Laura Linney

Laura 0f Truman Show fame is leading the famous faces in this all-star cast.

She plays lead character Mary Ann who after twenty years away returns home to San Francisco where she is reunited with her daughter Shawna and her ex-hubbie Brian after leaving them behind to follow her career dreams.

And joining Linney in the cast are:

Ellen Page

Ellen plays Mary Ann’s daughter Shawna.

Speaking of the characters’ relationships within the series the actress has said : “These friendships and relationships are all about letting you be the person who you want to be.”

Olympia Dukakis

Olympia reprises her role of Anna Madrigal.

Paul Gross

Paul joins the cast as Brian Hawkins – Mary Ann’s ex-husband.

Murray Bartlett

Murray takes on the role of Michael ‘Mouse’ Tolliver.

Charlie Barnett

Newcomer Charles portrays Ben Marshall in the series.

Why should you watch it?

This is the rejigged version of the groundbreaking 1993 miniseries Tales of the City.

And just like the original TV version Laura Linney and Olympia Dukakis are back.

But it’s not just a trip down memory lane twenty-five years on, expect a new and updated exploration of the modern-day LGBT community.

As well as some fresh faces to bring the story to life in a way that reflects our times and the ongoing discussions and debates had by members of the community.

The new miniseries is brought to life by Orange Is The New Black’s Lauren Morelli who’s running the show.

And if it equals anything like the success of the Netflix original then it is set to be a winner.


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