Never fall for this estate agent PR trick as it can actually put buyers OFF your home


Estate agents are considered essential by some to sell a home.

However, estate agents do not always have the interests of their sellers in mind.

How can you choose the best estate agent? What warning signs should you look out for?

Website offers to sell homes, hosting ads for properties for free.

The website also revealed a number of tricks that estate agents can use.

It warned sellers never to allow estate agents to put this certain sign by their house – but what is it?

It claimed that you should never let your estate agent put an under offer sign by your house.

“Despite popular belief and what estate agents want you to believe, having an ‘under offer’ sign against your property is not in your best interest, either within your garden or on the internet,” the expert seller warned.

It claimed the only person this is good for is the estate agent themselves.

“It gives them great local PR and local credibility. In fact, estate agents can’t get any better local PR than having ‘under offer’ and ‘sold’ signs against their property,” it said.

However, they claim that putting this sign up can affectively remove the property from the market.

Many potential buyers will be put off by the sign, assuming the property is as good as sold.

The site added: “You could lose out on many new potential buyers. Remember, your property hasn’t sold until contracts have been signed and exchanged in England, or missives have been concluded in Scotland.”

This is not the only thing to look out for when dealing with estate agents.

You should never tell your estate agent one particular thing. 

Website for the Home Owners Alliance (HOA) has revealed one of the tricks that an estate might use to get an easier sale and get their hands on a commission.

While estate agents want to get good prices for the homes they sell, they also don’t want to work too many hours to get their commission.

For this reason, they may be angling for their seller’s to accept a lesser offer than they want.

Even sellers have to keep their cards close to their chest, the organisation claims.

It warned never to reveal the minimum price you are willing to accept.


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