New Forest Commoners take on Forestry England over 'disgraceful' home rent rise 


Chairman Tony Hockley said: “This is a policy of covert exploitation and privatisation of Crown assets.

“We have an active group of young commoners who are keen to continue the practice but unable to rent a home close to the grazing.

“A typical holding in the New Forest is now worth at least £1 million to buy and £2,000 a month to rent, whilst local incomes remain low and the costs of keeping livestock rise.”

The group’s concerns follow complaints three years ago over an initial review of their rent costs. In 2016, commoners in the New Forest claimed that rent increases could “totally change” the area.

One commoner Erika Dovey, 37, whose four children are following in her footsteps, has experienced this first hand. Ms Dovey now drives to the forest access her grazing ponies.

She said: “This is the most unaffordable national park in the country and commoners just need a bit of help.

“My four children common and it is about their future as well. It would be great if rent could be set at a reasonable rate, in line with what commoners actually earn.”


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