New ‘Get that money challenge’ sees kids painfully trying to catch a credit card against a door with their forehead in order to ‘buy whatever they want’


THE newest viral challenge that is taking the internet by storm is the “get that money challenge” which sees kids trying to catch a credit card by trapping it with their head against a door.

If done successfully, the challenger can “buy whatever they want” as per the rules of the hilarious game.


The challenge saw many upload their hilarious attempts on social media[/caption]


Many of those attempts ended up being unsuccessful[/caption]

The viral task has been filmed and posted countless times on social media, with the vast majority failing to catch the credit card before it slides to the ground.

In one hilarious video, a little boy can be seen preparing to catch the credit card with his head for about 30 seconds before finally bashing his head into the door.

The video received a whopping 135,100 likes and more than 32,000 retweets – encouraging more youngsters to take part.

In another video, a girl can be seen hitting her forehead on a door just split seconds after the credit card fell on the ground.

While in another, a boy can be seen bashing his head on a door BEFORE the card was even dropped by his dad in a hilarious plot twist.


This challenge isn’t the first to sweep the internet off its feet.

Most recently, the Baby Shark Challenge saw millions of kids take part – with many even dressing up like sharks during their dance routines.

Another famous challenge was the Mannequin Challenge, which saw millions participate from all over the world in 2016.

Teenagers from the USA started off the viral movement last month and most clips have the music by Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles featuring Gucci Mane playing in the background.

But the craze didn’t start as a promo for hip hop  duo, as they only got involved last weekend when they made their own frozen video.

More famously, the Kiki Challenge blew the internet up after rapper Drake’s In My Feelings song’s catchy music created a dancing contest among millions.

Thousands of social media users, including celebrities such as Will Smith, have been posting footage of themselves doing silly dances to the tune of the hit song.

Instagram comedian Shiggy generated the challenge.

Dancing in a Reebok tracksuit outfit, Shiggy is filmed dancing happily in the middle of the road to the song.

Another famous challenge was the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, that raised millions of pounds over the world towards promoting awareness of the disease in 2014.

Participants uploaded the video online, nominating their friends and family to also carry out the challenge within 24 hours.

The challenge was also briefly revived in the summers of 2015 and 2016, but it was less widespread.

It was reported that the money raised by the challenge led to the discovery of the new gene, called NEK1.

The gene is associated with three per cent of ALS cases and will help set a new target for possible treatments.


This unlucky lad bashed his face on the door in one viral video[/caption]


While another participant also didn’t manage to catch the sliding credit card[/caption]


The viral task has been filmed and posted countless times on social media[/caption]

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