New ISIS chief dubbed “the destroyer” crowned amid fears he will trigger blood-soaked war


ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has named his successor – a KILLER known as “the destroyer”, the militant group’s propaganda arm said on Thursday.

Isis chief could ignite fresh welfare

ISIS: New ISIS chief dubbed “the destroyer” could trigger war (Pic: GETTY )

Abdullah Qardash has killed dozens of IS “traitors” as the deputy of al-Baghdadi, whose health is thought to be deteriorating after the terrorist leader was reportedly injured in fighting and last appeared in a video in April.

Security sources have said the move could spark a new wave of terrorism against the US and allies including Britain. 

Qardash, like Al Baghdadi, both share a hate for the West after he was detained in Iraq by US forces that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003.

Al Baghdadi was detained by US forces in 2003

TERROR: Al Baghdadi said in his last public message in April that he had launched a war (Pic: middleeastmonitor)

“He has almost certainly overseen the torture and execution of a great many members of Islamic State”

Security source

A security source told the Mirror: “Qardash is extremely dangerous. 

Al Baghdadi said in his last public message in April that he had launched a war of attrition ordained by God. 

The announcement followed the defeat of the group by US-led Kurdish militia in eastern Syria and the killing of many of his lieutenants by US forces.

Al Baghdadi, who is in his late 40s, was sitting throughout the 18-minute video but otherwise did not show signs of ill health.

Unsubstantiated reports had described him as dead or wounded by US bombing, or living as a fugitive in Syria, Iraq and even Libya.


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