New Zealand opposition deny hacking government in budget leak


New Zealand’s Treasury chief said on Wednesday that the Treasury website was attacked 2,000 times in two days by hackers seeking access to budget details, a day after the country’s opposition party leaked details of the economic plan.

“We identified multiple and persistent attempts to gain unauthorised access to our systems, and specifically budget related information,” Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf told Radio New Zealand.

He did not say where those attacks came from, but said they were deliberate and occurred “not once, not twice but in fact over 2000 times.”

The leak of the budget information has sparked a furore around the much-anticipated budget – due on Thursday – that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has promised would overhaul the approach to the nation’s accounts.

The attacks are being investigated by police.

The opposition National Party on Tuesday revealed what it said were details from the budget, using them to attack the plan and deriding it as “all spin and no substance” – a move National Party leader Simon Bridges furiously defended on Wednesday.

“You read my lips: The National Party has acted entirely appropriately,” Bridges told reporters in Wellington.

“We have done nothing illegal. There has been no hacking to obtain the information we’ve obtained.”


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