Newport and Tranmere fans hurl ‘bricks and bottles’ at each other in shameful violence outside Wembley after playoff final


NEWPORT COUNTY and Tranmere Rovers fans were involved in a horrific brawl outside Wembley following the League Two playoff final.

Objects including bottles and bricks were allegedly thrown in the unsavoury scenes, as one County fan got a nasty kicking.

One Newport fan swings a punch but stumbles to the ground before being kicked
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Footage shows Newport fans holding objects including bottles which were thrown at Tranmere fans
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The male supporter, in a Newport shirt, was tripped to the ground and repeatedly kicked by thugs after swinging a punch himself.

Newport fans have been blamed for approaching the busses, which were parked close to Wembley Stadium.

Children were caught up in the violence, which appears to be where coaches for Tranmere fans were parked for their 1-0 win in the League Two playoff final.

Neither team’s fans come out of the incident with any credit as footage shows several objects being hurled between the two sets of chanting supporters.

Metropolitan Police confirmed to SunSport they are investigating the footage from the surroundings of the national stadium.


Rovers earned promotion to League One following the 1-0 extra-time win on Saturday.

Connor Jennings got the winning goal for Micky Mellon’s side under the arch.

But Mark O’Brien’s second yellow card put the Welsh club on the back foot during a draining extra time.

The footage from the weekend has disgusted many people on social media.
John King said: “S***houses should be put in the armed forces see how tough they are then.”

Karen Humphreys added: “Ban them all from football I would, there could have been murder there yesterday.”

John Black said: “Like a pack of Hyenas on the Serengeti plains. Scruff.”

Colin A Saunders wrote: “Grow up, now your sons and daughters are going to be watching this in a few days, not years, grown men, I think not.”

The violence from both sets of fans is being investigated by Metropolitan Police
Deadline News
Tranmere celebrated winning the League Two playoff final
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