Neymar’s Playboy model ex-girlfriend drives luxury Lamborghini into swimming pool after failing to brake in high heels


A MODEL who reportedly had a fling with Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar has blamed crashing a Lamborghini supercar into a swimming pool on her high heels.

Soraja Vucelic was apparently behind the wheel of the blue Lambo when her shoes prevented her from braking in time.

The Lamborghini was lifted out of the pool
Vucelic showed off the supercar on her Instagram

The vehicle was shown in a harness having been lifted out of the pool in a clip shared to her 355,000 Instagram followers.

And she explained her crash away with the caption: “When your high heel slips from the brake and the Lambo ends up in the pool.”

Vucelic, who started modelling at the age of 19, was crowned the Serbian Playboy’s Playmate of the Year in 2011.

Instagram users struggled to have sympathy for the former Serbian Big Brother contestant.

One wrote: “It is an easy thing to do when it is someone else’s money.”

Another joked: “Don’t worry, it happens to everyone!”

And one follower commented: “It is more important that you didn’t break your heel, screw the Lambo!”

Neymar is no longer romancing the 32-year-old

The brown-haired beauty reportedly previously had a brief fling with Neymar that once involved being flown on a private jet to see the winger for a holiday together in Spain.

When Brazil played her native Serbia at last year’s World Cup, she admitted to having mixed feelings.

She told Sun Sport at the time: “My heart will be on the field. Whose side it will take remains to be seen.

“Patriotism on one side… other stuff on the other.”


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