NHS forced to pay out more than £3.2m after numerous men have WRONG testicle removed


NHS balls-ups have led 159 men to lose a testicle in the past seven years.

Some patients had their healthy gonad cut out rather than the cancerous one in disastrous medical mistakes.

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The NHS has had to pay more than £3million in compensation to victims after their crown jewels were savaged by medical blunders[/caption]

One was given the wrong treatment for torsion — when twisted tubes cut off blood.

His testicle grew gangrenous and had to be lopped off.

Health chiefs paid the blokes a total of £3.2 million compensation.

The majority of cases involve a delay in correctly diagnosing a testicular illness, leaving surgeons with not option but to chop off crown jewels that could have been saved.

But a handful of patients had the wrong nut removed in surgical blunders.


Doctors then had to operate again to remove the other one once the mistake was discovered – leaving the poor bloke with no testicles.

Negligence lawyers say men can expect £20,000 for an error where one ball is lost, £70,000 for both.

NHS Health Chiefs have had to pay out £3.2 million in compensation after removing healthy testicles.

Victims can pay £2,500 to have a false ball stitched into their sack.

Nicola Wainwright, of law firm Leigh Day, said: “It is devastating, particularly if they are young and not yet in a long-term relationship.

“They are embarrassed having to explain their injury to future partners.

“It’s also a tragedy if they are hoping to have a family and are worried about their fertility.”

The figures come from litigation authority NHS Resolution.

Regulator NHS Improvement said: “With incidents like this, our organisations examine what happened to understand what went wrong and identify how to improve their care.”

Nicola Wainwright of law firm Leigh Day understands the embarrassment of the victims

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The taxpayer has had to foot the bill for the surgeons’ mistakes[/caption]

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