Home News Nicola Sturgeon claims Scotland's system ‘working well’ as coronavirus cases skyrocket

Nicola Sturgeon claims Scotland's system ‘working well’ as coronavirus cases skyrocket


Sunday saw Scotland record an addition 208 cases of coronavirus. This is the highest daily figure since May 8, which saw 225 new cases. However, Ms Sturgeon claims Scotland’s fight against coronavirus has been a success, saying the country’s Test and Protect system system is “working well”. The SNP First Minister has also reintroduced lockdown restrictions in the country to curb the rising cases, and has recently been criticised for pursuing a second independence referendum amid the ongoing pandemic.

Ms Sturgeon took to Twitter to claim the rise in cases “remind us of the need to deploy strong counter measures”.

She added Scotland’s Test and Protect system is “working well”, having reached more than 90 percent of positive cases, and the Project Scotland app will launch soon to “reach a wider range of contact”.

But she also said: “All in all, this is a moment to take note and act in a way that prevents spread.

“Even if you think risk of COVID to yourself is low, don’t risk infecting others more vulnerable.”

It comes after Jeane Freeman, Scotland’s health secretary, called for nationalist constituencies to be united in a push for a second independence referendum.

Douglas Ross, Scottish Tory leader, said she and Ms Sturgeon should be “ashamed” of the move, and “should focus on what’s most important, and that’s saving lives and livelihoods”.

He added: “It’s utterly thoughtless of the health secretary to be pushing her separation strategy when families are still waiting for answers about how their loved ones died in care homes.

“She should be ashamed of where her priorities lie.”

The UK as a whole has also seen a sharp rise in coronavirus cases, with 2,988 new cases confirmed on Sunday.

The new figures equal a total of 349,505 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Sunday also saw the UK record a further 2 deaths, for a total of 41,640.


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