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Nicola Sturgeon enrages Scots as SNP's new 'stay safe' COVID-19 message sparks confusion


Nicola Sturgeon reacted to Scottish people attacking her over Scotland “stay safe” message at Friday’s press briefing. The SNP leader explained that Scotland cannot afford to be complacent during the lockdown as the virus is still out there. However, Twitter users still hit out at the First Minister for her message.

Speaking at the daily press briefing, Ms Sturgeon said: “This next phase in some ways might be even harder.

“We see the virus receding so, I think all of us have a very obvious and human and understandable frustration about having to still live under restrictoins.

“They think. ‘why can’t we go back to normal even mroe quickly?’

“The thing is we can’t afford at this stage to be complacent because the virus is still out there. It hasn’t gone away.

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“To remove the restrictions that have kept it under control, the risk is that is starting to circulate again.

“That’s why we need to proceed with purpose but also with a bit of caution and all of us have to play our part to suppress this virus.”

But her words only encouraged Twitter users to speak out more.

One wrote: “So let me get this right, the latest figures show there were 11 new cases of COVID-19 and 2 deaths and still Nicola Sturgeon is determined to keep everyone locked up while the economy dies and unemployment rises? Scandalous.”

Another added: “Sturgeon sharply criticised the UK Gov for changing its advice to ‘Stay Alert’ a few weeks back, saying she didn’t know what it meant. Now she’s peddling ‘Stay Safe’ which is if anything even vaguer.”

A third wrote: “Sturgeon was critical of Government’s ‘Stay Alert’. Her message is ‘Stay Safe’ which is something out of our control. I can actively stay alert but can only try to stay safe.”

More to follow…


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