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Nicola Sturgeon sparks fury as she orders Scots to stay away from England


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced earlier this week that there should be no travel between northern England and Scotland following a spike in coronavirus cases. Ms Sturgeon argued that travel between Scotland and northern England should only be taken if absolutely essential. The UK Government was forced to implement a regional northern England lockdown on Thursday night in response to the increase of COVID-19 cases. 

Nicola Sturgeon called an emergency coronavirus briefing on Friday to address the growing concern of a second wave or spreading of coronavirus between England and Scotland.

The First Minister has since faced a backlash for her comments from enraged Scots at the change.

During the briefing she said: “Our advice is of course designed to minimise the risk of spread from England into Scotland.

“But it is also designed to assist people in these parts of England.

“By not travelling there we are making sure that we don’t exacerbate the challenge they are already facing.” 

In the statement released on Friday morning, Ms Sturgeon praised Boris Johnson for his clarity on the lockdown information in the north of England. ,

She added: “I’m grateful to the Prime Minister for the update on the recent developments in the North West of England.

“All four nations agreed on the importance of sharing localised information as we work together to continue to suppress the virus.

“We have always been clear that localised flare ups are likely as we continue to suppress the virus but by responding quickly and appropriately we can limit the effect these have on wider transmission.

“I strongly advise anyone planning to travel to areas affected in the north of England, or anyone planning to travel to Scotland from those same areas, to cancel their plans.

“Anyone whose travel is essential should follow public health advice at all times including the FACTS guidance and remain extra vigilant in monitoring for symptoms.”

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