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Nicola Sturgeon sparks fury as SNP vows to keep 2m rule in Scotland while Boris relaxes it


Nicola Sturgeon undermined Boris Johnson’s latest coronavirus announcement as she insists any changes to the two-metre social distancing rule will not apply in Scotland. Scotland’s First Minister said her scientific advisory group has evidence to suggest the two-metre rule must be kept. She added that information explaining this will be available from July 2.

Speaking at Scotland’s daily briefing, Ms Sturgeon said: “On all of these decisions we will continue to proceed very carefully.

“It’s why for example, I’ve commissioned further work by our scientific advisory group.

“One key issue we have asked about is the issue of physical distancing.

“The Scottish Government is clear that the advice and evidence we have right now supports physical distancing at two metres in order to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

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“We have asked in what settings, what circumstances, and what additional mitigations might make it possible to accept the risk of people not keeping a two-metre distance.

“That advice will be available by July 2 ahead of our decisions to move from phase two to phase three.

“Until then the position here in Scotland remains the same. We are advising people to maintain two metres physical distancing.

“Any changes announced today for other parts of the UK will not apply here at this particular stage.”

More to follow…


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