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Nicola Sturgeon warning: Scotland must protect fishing waters for Brexit to be a success


The Scottish Conservative councillor for Cupar told Express.co.uk that Scotland must have British waters protected for Brexit to be a success. Tony Miklinski added that Scotland should have ambitions of developing processing capacity and penetrating existing fishing markets. 

Mr Miklinski said: “We want to see the whole north eastern fisheries protected.

“We want to be able to get our own boats into the UK Scottish waters and fish our own fish.

“We want access to the markets where most of that fish is sold.

“We may have to develop our own processing capability but there is a deal to be struck there on the fisheries.”

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He added: “It almost certainly won’t be black and white, there will be some give and take, there has to be.

“But having the fisheries sorted out and having our agriculture in a position where it can thrive post-Brexit given that there is a whole different approach to subsidies that is being worked on.

“So these are going to be tough discussions.”

Earlier this month, Nicola Sturgeon’s independence “wish list” was slammed as “stupid” by a British fisherman.

He added: “Europe do not want them, they have told them they do not want them.

“As far as I can see she is part of Great Britain, we have got a Government in Great Britain and that is called Boris Johnson’s Government, he speaks for the union, she does not.

“She keeps coming out with stupid things of what she would like, they are wish lists.

“She has got no power, no control, she has got nothing.” 


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