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Nigel Farage drops MASSIVE hint on his immediate future plans after shock LBC split


Mr Farage told talkRADIO that he wants to remain part of the public debate but will spend the next couple of weeks fishing following the end of his contract with LBC. The former Brexit Party leader had been a regular presenter on the radio station but will stop hosting shows with immediate effect. 

Mr Farage said: “I have had lots of texts off people saying it must have been a difficult day for you yesterday.

“The response is compared to climbing out of a light-aircraft that has just crashed to the ground in 2010 it is pretty small.

“Whatever I do I want to be part of the public debate.

“One of the things I have got right over the years more often than not is I have generally had a feeling where middle England is on issues and I have seen that gap between politicians and the BBC, for example.

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“I have been able to, through the power of argument and being able to get people to follow me, help close some of those gaps.

“I guess Brexit is the one that I will be best known for so I am going to keep doing that but I want for the next couple of weeks – I am going to go fishing and I am waiting for the pubs to open.”

Yesterday a statement from LBC announcing Mr Farage’s departure said: “Nigel Farage’s contract with LBC is up very shortly and, following discussions with him, Nigel is stepping down from LBC with immediate effect.

“We thank Nigel for the enormous contribution he has made to LBC and wish him well.”

“His show was one of the few reasons I listened in. Many others will now feel the same.”

Another said: “@Nigel_Farage sorry to hear you’ve stepped down from LBC, you’re one reason to listen as at least you had a voice… wish you all best.”

A third added: “Please Nigel start your own broadcast.

“It will be nice to have someone for us to listen to. Go to talk radio they are the best.”


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