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‘No deal goodbye!’ Boris told to send Barnier back to Brussels amid Brexit stalemate


Michel Barnier travelled to London this afternoon for informal post-Brexit trade talks with his UK counterpart David Frost in Downing Street. The unscheduled visit comes after five months of turbulent negotiations, which has left both sides on the brink of a no deal outcome at the formal end of the transition period on December 31.

The visit to the capital comes ahead of the eighth round of negotiations starting in London on September 7 – with several outstanding issues over trade, fisheries and state aid remaining high on the agenda.

However, a poll of more than 7,000 Express.co.uk readers, has found the overwhelming majority believe Mr Barnier is wasting his time and the Prime Minister should send him back to Brussels.

The survey conducted on September 1 between 12.55pm and 8.00pm on Express.co.uk asked 7,837 readers “Should Boris Johnson send Michel Barnier back to Brussels?”

A huge 97 percent (7,605) of people send Mr Johnson should send the EU negotiator back to Europe and voted yes.

Just over 2.5 percent (211) of those surveyed thought Mr Barnier should remain in the UK for talks and voted no.

Meanwhile, less than 0.5 percent (21) of people, remained unsure and said they did not know.

A number of passionate Express.co.uk readers let their feelings known in the comments section, with many urging the UK and end talks outright and leave on no deal or World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms.

One user said: “I hope Barnier is sent packing, the talks are over. It is not trade the EU wants it is vassalage and capitulation. WTO is the only option if the UK is to retain its sovereignty and independence.”

The UK chief negotiator said the EU’s insistence on accepting its terms on state aid and fishing had made an agreement “unnecessarily difficult”.

This afternoon, the Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “We will continue to work hard to reach an agreement and look forward to the next round next week.

“We believe an agreement is still possible and it is still our goal but it is clear that will not be easy to achieve.”


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