‘No self respecting climber would call that climbing’ – Telegraph readers on Everest ‘carnage'


“Everest has become a bucket list tick, an Instagram location, almost a tourist destination. I find that very sad, considering the history of the elite climbers and their Sherpas who were the pioneers of this great pursuit and many of whom died on it.”

‘Should we be calling for restrictions on climbing Ben Nevis?’ 

Anna Kenway

“The reporting of this is reaching hysterical levels. Surely those who are taking part (both climbers and Sherpas – the latter by all accounts having little opportunity for other income) know the risks and are willing to take them?

“Each winter there are a comparable number of deaths on Ben Nevis – 8 this year, 10 last year, an infinitely less challenging trek than Everest. Should we be calling for restrictions on climbing Ben Nevis? Or should we allow adults to make their own choices as to what risks they take.

“I agree that there are environmental issues such as the dumping of O2 tanks and perhaps the use of such tanks should be stopped, along with social issues like ‘tourists’ treating Sherpas like servants rather than partners. But at the end of the day, no matter how fit or prepared, ascending mountains is a risky business and not all the variables can be controlled.”


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