'Nonsense!' David Lammy clashes with Marr in furious BBC row over EU – 'Don't bang on!'

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Andrew Marr clashed with Labour’s David Lammy over the party’s recent move to “take Brexit off the agenda”. The BBC host fact-checked the Labour MP, as he poitned out that Europe was ” barely mentioned” in Keir Starmer’s leadership re-launch speech this week. He grilled Mr Lammy on whether Labour figures can told MPs to “stop banging on” about the European Union. 

Mr Marr said: “Labour has a problem, doesn’t it?

“The biggest problem facing businesses is the red tape and regulations and tariffs, and yet at the same time we read that the Labour Party is putting Brexit off its agenda, you’re not talking about Brexit anymore.

“You’re not talking about Europe and it was barely mentioned in Keir Starmer’s speech.” 

When Mr Lammy responded “nonensense,” the BBC host fired back: “It was barely mentioned in the speech. That is factually correct!”

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Mr Lammy responded: “Of course we are raising those issue because they are central to the British economy.”

Mr Marr said: “Europe is something the Labour Party will have to talk about fairly relentlessly between now and the next election but it just seems that yor leader isn’t very keen to do so!

“No-one has said to you, David, don’t bang on about Brexit?”

The Labour MP said: “Absolutely not.”


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