North Korea ‘executes top diplomat for failing to get deal with Donald Trump’


KIM Jong-Un has executed one of his top diplomats for failing to broker a deal with Donald Trump.

The tubby tyrant reportedly ordered a firing squad to kill Kim Hyok-Chol amid rumours his team sold information to the Americans.

The tubby tyrant reportedly ordered a firing squad to kill Kim Hyok-Chol
Kim Hyeok Cheol surrounded by the world's media as he arrived for the summit in Hanoi
Kim Hyok-Chol surrounded by the world’s media as he arrived for the summit with Trump in Hanoi
He is believed to have met Trump in the Oval Office – pictured here on the left

The Chosun Ilbo newspaper claims he was in charge of the Vietnam summit negotiating team – but four members were caught selling information to the CIA.

Co-negotiator Kim Sung-Hye and translator Shin Hye-Young were meanwhile sent to political prison camps.

It is believed Hye-Young made a translation error.

A North Korean source said: “Kim Hyok-Chol was investigated and executed at Mirim Airport with four foreign ministry officials in March.”

The newspaper claims Kim’s purge is designed to divert attention from discontent within the pariah state.


In February, it was claimed Kim made his own uncle watch his workmates get ripped apart by anti-aircraft guns during a string of sickening executions.

Defector Kang Cheol-Hwan said he was told by those who witnessed the bloodshed that two men who worked with Kim’s relative were obliterated by the over-the-top firing squad.

The luckless pair were allegedly targeted by eight massive anti-aircraft guns after having lumps of iron placed into their mouths by Kim’s cronies.

The North Korean dictator‘s uncle –  Jang Song-thaek – was forced to watch the slaughter and fainted when left covered in their blood.

Defector Kang also told how a high-ranking police official was burnt alive with a flame-thrower and a politician and his mistress were stripped naked and attacked by dogs.

Others to fall out of favour in the past have supposedly been executed with rocket grenades, mortars and even tank fire.

Kang told CNN: “They let it fire against these two people and these two people instantly disappeared and all the blood, it poured into Jang Song-thaek’s face, who was forced to witness them and he fainted.”

Kim’s uncle was killed later that same year reportedly by the same method after branding him a traitor.

The shocking claims form part of a new report from the North Korea Strategy Center,  a human rights organisation led by Kang.

He also told how the despot also executed a top police official who was also close to his uncle .

Kang said: “Kim Jong-un especially hated him (the police official) so ordered him to be executed by using a flame-thrower so he was burned alive without even using the machine guns.

“Then after he was burned alive the tanks around him kind of crushed him.”

He then claimed another official and his mistress were executed by being stripped naked and torn apart by the dogs.

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Kang Cheol-Hwan a North Korean defector who was imprisoned in a concentration camp for ten years[/caption]

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Jang Song-Thaek was said to have been executed by anti-aircraft guns[/caption]


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