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North Korea fury: Kim to send 12m leaflets into South in ‘eruption of unquenchable anger’


Pyongyang claimed it was ready to float the leaflets into South Korea on 3,000 balloons. North Korea said the plan was an “eruption of the unquenchable anger of all the people”.

State media KCNA reported: “Our plan of distributing the leaflets against the enemy is an eruption of the unquenchable anger of all the people and the whole society.

“The time for retaliatory punishment is drawing near.”

It comes after North Korea blew up a joint liaison office in a border town last week.

The dramatic move was in response to defectors in South Korea sending propaganda leaflets into North Korea.

Seoul has urged Pyongyang to abandon its plan to send millions of propaganda leaflets into South Korea.

But North Korea blasted the calls as “absurd nonsense”.

A spokesman for the United Front Department said in a statement reported by KCNA: “Given their own wrongdoings, how dare they utter such words as regret and violation?

“When they are put in our shoes, the South Korean authorities will be able to understand even a bit how disgustedly we looked at them and how offending it was for us.”

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Defector-led groups in South Korea have regularly sent leaflets with food, $1 bills, mini radios and USB sticks by balloon over the border or in bottles in rivers.

But one of the groups dropped a plan to float hundreds of plastic bottles filled with rice, medicine and face masks into the sea near the border on Sunday amid growing tensions.

Pyongyang has also used balloons and drones to fly its anti-South Korea leaflets.

The Korean War ended in 1953 with an armistice but a peace treaty was never signed.

Three historic meetings between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump failed to reach a deal on denuclearisation.

Mr Trump and Mr Kim first met at a summit in Singapore in 2018.

A second summit in Vietnam in 2019 broke down early without an agreement.

The two leaders also met briefly met in the demilitarised zone (DMZ) between the two Koreas in June 2019.


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