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North Korea threat: Kim Jong-Un’s ruthless sister is stirring Korean war fears


The dictator’s sister, Kim Yo-Jong, has taken a standoffish approach towards South in recent weeks. First, it started off with her ordering an attack on a joint liaison office and also calling North Korean defectors, “human scum”. South Korean tanks have also been seen firing near the border, new images reveal.

It’s believed the only reason Kim Yo-Jong is reacting in this manner is that she could have her eye on her brother’s rule.

Which in effect would have a g4eat deal of wide-ranging diplomatic implications for South Korea and the US.

It comes after a string of aggressive actions from the North in the past month, including the blowing up of a symbolic liaison office last week.

Pyongyang officials have claimed to blow up and “completely ruin” the facility as a means of cutting off all communication with Seoul.

All of this has come as an extreme irritation for South Korean President, Moon Jae-In.

A man that Kim Yo-Jong previously claimed: “put his neck into the noose of pro-US flunkeyism.”

This was down to the fact, the South Korean President failed to implement a 2018 peace accord.

She was also left furious after Seoul allegedly failed to prevent North Korean defectors dropping anti-regime propaganda leaflets across the border.

“Ruthless” Yo Jong has enjoyed a meteoric rise to power over the past two years and is now considered by many to be Kim’s de-facto number two and successor.

Political analysts on North Korea have assessed that Kim Yo-Jong is “cold and ruthless” with an eye on the leadership.

Suzanne Scholte, the American founding co-chair of Free North Korea Radio, told the New York Post: “From what I’ve observed she is cold and ruthless and haughty.

“Her new aggressiveness is part of the consolidation and solidification of power. Kim Jong-un has to show that if something were to happen to him, there’s a successor and that the Kim family … bloodline is still in power”.

Kim Yo-Jong has experienced the same privilege as her brother getting a Swiss education and allegedly lives with her husband a high ranking political official.


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