Nude sunbather, 54, sues police for £200,000 over invasion of privacy after cop was jailed for using a force helicopter to film her in her garden


A NUDE sunbather has sued the police for £200k over invasion of privacy after a cop was jailed for using a helicopter to film her in her garden.

Tracy Dixon claims the police have caused her distress as they have not revealed how often she was spied on.

Tracy Dixon has been left unable to trust people after a peeping tom cop filmed her sunbathing topless in her back garden
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Adrian ­Pogmore used the on-board camera to zoom in on Tracey as she lay naked[/caption]

She took action after Adrian Pogmore, 52, was jailed for a year in 2017.

Pogmore admitted four counts of misconduct in public office, using the South Yorkshire Police helicopter for “sexual spying”.

“Sex-obsessed” swinger Adrian Pogmore would appear over her home at least three times a week and film her and her young daughters.

The ex glamour model was filmed in her garden for up to five years after the cop, who went to school with her, tracked her down in South Yorkshire.

He used a powerful lens to capture the mum-of-three and her daughters, 18, 15 and eight, who were also sunbathing in their garden in bikinis or swimsuits.

Tracy believes there are more tapes of her naked even though she was only shown one.

On the video, taken in 2007, the police helicopter had circled her home as she lay naked on a sun lounger alongside two of her daughters in bikinis.

And when mum-of-three Tracy, 53, was told the identity of the officer she was horrified to realise they had gone to school together in nearby Rotherham.

Tracy, who worked alongside ­fellow Page 3 Girl Sam Fox and TV comic Jim Davidson, said: “We were two years apart but he would have known me.

“Now I’m terrified he’s been secretly watching me, stalking me, following me for decades.

Tracy became a well known name in 1979 when she was chosen as one of just eight Page 3 girls.

She said: “I was slim, tall and leggy. I couldn’t believe I made it.”

At the time 300 girls wrote in every day to The Sun trying to be a Page 3 girl.

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The camera on the chopper has a powerful zoom and Pogma used it to zoom in on the naked body of the woman[/caption]

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