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Ohio driver shoots at kids playing basketball after they told him to slow down

Police in Akron, Ohio, are searching for a man who opened fire with a semiautomatic gun at a group of school kids playing street basketball after they told him to slow down.

The man was speeding down Rockaway Street in a white Pontiac G6 with tinted windows and temporary plates when one kid yelled at the man to slow down.

“He pulled out the gun, and turned and shot at him, three fires,” Dolly Young, whose 11-year-old son Alex was among the children playing, told local news WKYC.

The shooter had been aiming for Alex’s friend, 15-year-old neighbor Markeise Smith.

“He [the driver] should be locked up for what he did because you shouldn’t shoot at kids because they tell you to slow down,” Smith told the station.

The incident was caught on cellphone video and turned over to the police who are investigating the incident.

Ohio shooting
The man is seen in a video screengrab shooting at the two kids.Courtesy of Dolly Young

“This can be traumatic for anyone, especially a 15- and an 11-year-old trying to play. Any information can help. It’s like a puzzle. Every piece helps bring this person to justice and have them answer for their crime,” Capt. Dave Laughlin told the channel.


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