Once Brexit is sorted, Boris Johnson must clean up our criminal injustice system


“WE knew almost at once that none of these ridiculous allegations applied to you.”

This was the breathtaking confession of Bernard Hogan-Howe, Met police chief, to the totally innocent man he dragged through the mud as a suspected child murderer and rapist.

Crime is now seen through a political filter

He was egged on by Tom Watson, a Labour thug arguably as close to evil as a politician can get.

Baron Ho-Ho, political stooge and professional witch-hunter, today sits in ermined luxury as a superannuated law-maker in the House of Lords.

The innocent man, Field Marshal Lord Bramall, 95 and in his twilight days, sits in the ruins of his life as a father, grandfather and one of the last surviving D-Day war heroes.


The Military Cross-winner is living proof that Britain’s broken law enforcement system is dangerously out of control.

Once Boris has sorted out Brexit and won the next general election, his priority must be to clean up Britain’s politically-motivated cops and prosecutors.

Redoubtable new Home Secretary Priti Patel has a momentous job on her hands. She won’t need much encouragement.

While police chiefs scream about cuts and austerity, tens of millions of pounds have been squandered on bungled persecutions and compensation pay-outs to innocent citizens. Yet not one single police officer, let alone their disgraced former commander, has faced punishment for this despicable miscarriage of justice.

Crime is now seen through a political filter.

PA:Press Association

Innocent, but thanks to a broken criminal justice system Field Marshal Lord Bramall, 95, sits in the ruins of his life as a father, grandfather and one of the last surviving D-Day war heroes[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Former Met Police Chief Bernard Hogan-Howe allowed Lord Bramall’s name and reputation to be dragged through the mud as a suspected child murderer and rapist[/caption]

It appears as though you can’t be racist if you are black. Equally, it seems you can’t be a criminal unless you are a hideous Tory.

Anyone who votes Conservative is, automatically, “fascist, racist scum”. And if you vote Brexit, as one angry woman screamed last week, you are a “f****** c***”. Charming.

We have become a country where crime is just another way of life, where police do not patrol certain streets, investigate offences or prosecute cases of rape, violence or burglary.

They turn a blind eye to drugs and clown along with anarchist students who paralyse our capital city.

Politically correct cops stay indoors while knife crime explodes and sex slave gangs run riot because chief constables are terrified of being branded racist.

But they come down like a brick wall on often-innocent men and women suspected of stepping over an imaginary line drawn by left-wing lynch mobs.

Innocent non-political folk such as Cliff Richard or DJ Paul Gambaccini. Or ex-MP Harvey Proctor. Ex-Home Secretary Leon Brittan. Ex-PM Ted Heath.

All this, incidentally, under Theresa May’s reign as Home Secretary, Prime Minister, and alleged champion of free speech and a free press.

Yet among this long and indiscriminate list of injustices are dozens of innocent journalists whose only crime was to write stories the Government didn’t like.

And yes, it was Hogan-Howe who dragged them through the courts on trumped-up charges of “conspiracy to misconduct in public office”.

Such a charge which would fit neatly around the neck of Lord Ho-Ho and his flat-footed clod-hopping Keystone Kops.


A SPECTACULAR ten-point bounce in the polls is just the beginning for Boris Johnson’s soaraway Brexiteer government.

All summer leave is cancelled while Downing Street and the new Cabinet buckle down to  No Deal election planning and oiling the cogs of economic expansion.

Brussels won’t blink – or at least not until too late.

And Boris has deliberately cut off all lines of retreat.

To say he has hit the ground running is an understatement. He has taken off like a rocket.

Even his fans have been stunned by the exhilarating speed and scale of his Cabinet shake-up.

But for those who spent the past three years cringing with embarrassment, the greatest delight is the obliteration of Theresa May and her malignant Chancellor.

It is almost as if they ceased to exist. Far from falling flat on his face, Boris has delighted all those who were holding their breath and reserving applause.

The Theresa May era has been swept into the dustbin of history, along with the political corpses of Phil Hammond and so-called Gaukeward Squad of faceless ex-ministers.

As a bonus, none of these casualties poses a threat from the backbenches.

Boris is on a winning streak. He will triumph at the next election, Deliver Brexit, Unite  the country and Defeat Labour as promised.

The case for Remain is now dead. Jeremy Corbyn, now a hostage of the Body Snatchers, has gone over to the other side.

The political corpses of Hammond, Project Fear’s George Osborne, Anna Soubry and Dominic Grieve will share a grave and a headstone summing up their contributions to our life and times: DUDs.

Next! Bring on the BBC.



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