One million pages of evidence could be presented against Jeffrey Epstein, court hears


Jeffrey Epstein is likely to face trial in June 2020, a judge in New York has ruled – dismaying Epstein’s lawyers, who pleaded for more time to go through “a million pages” of evidence against their client.

The disgraced financier, 66, is facing charges of sex trafficking of minors, which carry a 45 year sentence.

Prosecutors want the trial to begin as soon as possible, but Martin Weinberg, Epstein’s lawyer, objected to starting the trial before September 2020.

“We need time to review a million pages of discovery,” he said, during a scheduling hearing on Wednesday.

Judge Richard Berman set the tentative date for trial after Alison Moe, prosecuting, said they were seeking a trial as “swiftly as possible.”

She added: “We don’t think any delay in this is in the public interest.”


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