OnePlus 7 release next month but latest leak reveals why you may not want one


The all-new OnePlus 7 will be unveiled at a global launch next month.

That’s the official word from the Chinese technology company who recently announced their launch event will be taking place on May 14.

OnePlus says that it will be revealing all during four simultaneous events in London, New York, Bangalore and Beijing.

Although there’s no official confirmation about what will be unveiled during the keynote it’s thought that the OnePlus 7 will launch alongside another device called the OnePlus 7 Pro.

And a new leak may now reveal why the Pro model may leave fans wondering if the standard OnePlus 7 is worth buying.

According to a post on from Samsung News, the OnePlus 7 Pro looks set to feature some major advantages over its sibling.

These include a bigger 6.7-inch notch-free screen, pop-up selfie camera and much larger 4,000mAh battery.

These are nice upgrades but there will also be a version of the Pro that will feature the ability to access 5G data speeds.

5G is the next generation of mobile networks and will offer much faster downloads and improved reliability.

One final change that might only be available on the Pro is a faster display.

In fact, OnePlus CEO founder and CEO, Pete Lau, has already declared the tech giant’s next phone will “utilise all-new display technology” and iterated significant investment has been made in this area.

In a tweet, he said: “Indeed, our new product will utilise all-new display technology.

“We have invested significantly (technology is 3-times the cost of other flagship displays) in developing the technology just for OnePlus, a flagship screen experience that is truly best in the world.”

The biggest change rumoured to be in store for the 7 Pro’s display concerns its refresh rate; it has been speculated the hardware could boast a 90hz refresh rate as opposed to the 60hz present in most other smartphones.

Refresh rate in hz refers to the amount of times a screen refreshes every second – the higher the figure the smoother navigating a phone’s user interface will be.

So, whilst the Pro gets all these bonus extras it appears the standard OnePlus 7 might be stuck with some fairly minor changes.

It’s thought the standard OnePlus 7 will look very similar to the OnePlus 6T with a small teardrop notch at the top of the screen.

The double camera will continue to be placed on the rear case although it’s thought images could be improved via a new sensor.

One final upgrade could arrive in the form of a Snapdragon 855 processor which will certainly improve the overall speed of this new phone.

We’ll have to wait until May 14 for full OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro specs but it seems one of these devices could be far more desirable than the other.


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