Ordinary terraced house has incredible secret tropical paradise hidden in back garden


THIS ordinary terraced house has a incredible secret tropical paradise hidden in its back garden.

But when David and Sandra Traynor moved into their semi-detached house in Stourport, Worcs., they immediately saw the potential of the bland backyard.

David and Sandra Traynor’s prize garden is well-hidden from the facade of their ordinary-looking suburban home
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This rear garden in Stourport, Worcs., provided a blank canvas for the green-fingered couple
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The Stours took two years to complete the transformation
Caters News Agency
Neighbours said they were ‘bonkers’ when they began their grand design
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Just two-and-a-half years on, the couple have turned their generic, non-descript garden into a haven for exotic palm trees and fish.

David said: “I’ve always been into gardening but we’ve never had a proper space to do what we wanted.

“We were really excited about moving into a house with such a blank slate for the garden.

“I worked out a detailed plan of the garden before we moved in.”

The couple have transformed their normal garden into a slice of paradise
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The tropical-styled fantasy makes you forget you’re in the middle of Worcester
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Most visitors are left speechless by the rich designs
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This comfortable perch offers a peaceful recline within the lush paradise
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The garden’s centrepiece is a dramatic pond containing 40 exotic Koi carp
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David continued: “The whole point was to put something together that was our personal fantasy.

“When people see the garden for the first time they usually say ‘oh my god’.

“Our aim was to create our own tropical styled fantasy, but to make it look and feel almost as natural as a tropical forest clearing but in the heart of Worcestershire.

“Our neighbour’s thought we were a bit bonkers when we started. Now they think it’s marvellous.”

The garden’s centre piece is a dramatic pond containing 40 exotic Koi carp alongside the garden’s 80 palm trees.

A non-descript garden has been transformed into a haven for exotic palm trees and fish
Caters News Agency
The tropical garden is designed as an immersive experience
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The garden’s exotic new residents enjoy the amazing pond
Caters News Agency
The Traynors celebrating their incredible transformation
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David and Sandra used the soil left over from excavating the pond area to build a second tier layer in the garden.

They said that the garden is now so full they don’t have space for any additional planting.

David said: “We managed to get all of the main elements together in about three months.

“Three years on, the garden is now full to bursting with tropical plants from all across the world, all tightly planted to create a dense layered and natural feel.

“We wanted our tropical garden to be an immersive experience, where we walk down narrow pathways, whilst brushing past plants that dwarf us.

“The main advantage of this style of garden, is that even in the depths of winter, it is always lush and verdant. Couple this with the fact that we hardly have to do any weeding, and you have inner view the perfect all year garden.

“It can be a lot of work, but it is definitely worth it, as we both spend more time in the garden than in the house!

“Anything that doesn’t normally grow here in the Midlands then we want to do it!”

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