Oscars 2019 LIVE – Winners, snubs and acceptance speeches as they happen


Without a doubt, it’s the biggest event in Hollywood’s calendar.

The Oscars 2019 is now in full-swing with the winners being crowned in front of the planet’s biggest stars on the planet; from Olivia Colman to Rami Malek to Lady Gaga.

Olivia Colman has been nominated for an Academy Award at the Oscars 2019
Olivia Colman has been nominated for an Academy Award at the Oscars 2019
Fox Searchlight Pictures

Kevin Hart was supposed to be hosting the awards ceremony, however, after the re-emergence of some pretty offensive tweets he’d posted in years gone by, the comedian stepped down, leaving the Academy completely in the lurch.

So what did the Academy do when it was served lemons? It made lemonade of course.

Instead of one host presenting the 2019 Oscars, a bunch of stars have been recruited to fill in for Kevin, including Jennifer Lopez, Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel L. Jackson, Pharrell Williams, Gary Oldman and more. Like way more. As in 53 in total.

While the line-up sounds epic, the decision not to have a single presenter steering the ceremony is a big risk for the Academy.

The last time they pulled a stunt like this was back in 1989, when the Oscars was opened by a painful number comprising of Rob Lowe collaborating with aspiring actress Eileen Bowman dressed as Snow White. Yeah… It was as bad as it sounds.

Taking that disaster into consideration, fingers crossed tonight’s gamble pays off.

If you want all the latest gossip, news and red carpet pictures now, stick with our live blog for the most up-to-date coverage. Enjoy!


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