Our Planet producer recalls 'most terrifying moment' of his career after buggy fell through ice during arctic exploration


He added: “I remember jumping out on the ice, turning around seeing the two guys in the front trying to kick their door open because that of course was now slightly under the ice.” 

Luckily, the two managed to break free and make their escape onto the safety of the ice. “Literally as they came onto the ice the vehicle went through and we never saw it again.” 

He added: “I have to say it was the most frightening moment of my career as a filmmaker. 

With just his Billingham bag that held his passport floating to the surface the team were then marooned with “a male polar bear who was thinking there comes lunch.” 

A satellite phone also survived the wreckage, enabling them to contact the night team, who quickly came to their rescue. 

The Silverback Films production, narrated by David Attenborough was shot in top quality 4k and took a total of four years to make, with 600 crew members filming in 50 countries.


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