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Outlander: Why did star regret cutting Claire Fraser scene? ‘Actually a mistake’

Starz historical drama Outlander first landed in 2014 and focused on the love story between Jamie (played by Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe). The show was an adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s global best-selling novels. But why did one of the Outlander producers regret cutting this scene?

Why did star regret cut Claire Fraser scene from Outlander?

Season one introduced audiences to Jamie and Claire’s epic tale including how she was forced to find him after he was taken away by the Redcoats.

With the help of Murtagh Fitzgibbons (Duncan Lacroix), Claire scoured the Highlands to find her husband without much luck.

Although they eventually learnt he was being held at Wentworth Prison, Claire and Murtagh were left at their wits’ end.

In a deleted scene from episode 14 of season one, Murtagh comforted Claire after she feared she would never see Jamie again.

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In the scene, Murtagh vowed to protect Claire if Jamie was really gone.

Telling her he would do so, just in the same way he swore an oath to Jamie’s mother Ellen MacKenzie to protect her son in the event of her demise.

Sadly, this poignant moment between the pair ended up on the cutting room floor.

Speaking on the season one DVD, Outlander producer Ronald D. Moore addressed this editorial decision and his regret looking back in hindsight at losing such a powerful moment.

“You see their relationship moving from one place to another and his promise to protect her, even if Jamie is gone. It’s a real sense of completion of that arc.”

Moore continued: “I cut it strictly for time when I was going through the episode looking for bits and pieces and there was 30 seconds here that I saved by lopping that piece out.

“For the moment, it definitely worked. It kept the episode going but now looking back on it, I wish we had kept it in there.”

Although the moment may have been lost in the edit suite, Murtagh’s affection for both Jamie and Claire has been evident throughout Outlander.

He has been with the pair through thick and thin, accompanying them to Paris when they tried to stop the Jacobite uprising.

Murtagh later went with them to the New World and seemed to be thriving there.

This meant his eventual demise in season five was even more heart-breaking as he had been with them for so long since season one.

With Murtagh now gone, Jamie’s link to his home country of Scotland feels broken as he forges his new life in America.

Interestingly, the onscreen incarnation of Murtagh survived longer than his character in the novels, who perished long ago.

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