Ovie wants to become the next James Bond as India insists she’s quit topless modelling after finding Love Island fame


OVIE Soko has got big plans now that Love Island is over – he wants to be the next James Bond.

The former basketball player – who came third in last night’s finale alongside girlfriend India Reynolds – said he wanted to take over from Daniel Craig if Idris Elba doesn’t land the role.

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Ovie has revealed he wants to take over from Daniel Craig as James Bond[/caption]

Speaking to The Sun Online he said: “If Idris Elba didn’t get the part, call me up and I am more than interested.

“I might be a bit tall for the role though. We will see.”

India added: “Oh I bloody hope so.”

And India revealed how she has quit topless modelling after finding fame on the ITV2 dating show.

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The couple are planning on giving things a go outside the villa[/caption]

She said: “I wasn’t a glamour model when I came in here.

“I gave that up five years ago and there is no way I would go back to it. I had a fantastic time doing it but I gave it up for my own reasons. I will definitely be going back to commercial modelling though.”

Ovie also revealed he was thrilled about Amber winning the show: “I am glad that Amber and Greg won. But there are no losers at that stage. Everyone was a winner to be honest.”

And he confirmed that he and India will stay together post show and try to make it work.

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India revealed she wouldn’t return to topless modelling[/caption]

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The couple are happy[/caption]

He added: “We are just going to continue.

“We set a pretty good foundation. In today’s society everyone is always on their phones and everything moves a million miles an hour. We got to get to know each other on a more intimate level in terms of us being face to face all the time.”

India added that she wasn’t fazed by other people thinking she was only with Ovie for his popularity, adding: “As long as you guys are OK, other people’s opinion doesn’t really affect you.”

And she wanted to clarify her claims that there are easier ways to make £50k than winning Love Island.


She said: “It’s obviously been taken out of context.

“I just meant that I work really really hard back home and I have worked hard to have my career the way that it is now. So going in Love Island for me was a risk. I didn’t know if people would want me back afterwards.”653


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