Oyster card holders have personal information hacked says TFL


LONDONERS have had their online Oyster payment accounts hacked, TFL has said.

Oyster Cards

TFL announced oyster cards had been exposed (Pic: Getty)

Around 1,200 customers say they’ve been denied access to their accounts since Wednesday.

The transport body has six million online Oyster account holders.

Despite the breach, TFL have claimed no customer payment details were breached but they had temporarily suspended some accounts for safety. 



Many complained access to their account was frozen (Pic: Getty)

A spokeswoman attempted to alleviate fears, claiming the numbers compromised are low.

“As a precautionary measure and to protect our customers’ data, we have temporarily suspended online contactless and Oyster accounts while we put additional security measures in place.” 

Meanwhile TFL were keen to lay the blame elsewhere, citing a potential third party breach for the issue. 

Oyster cards

TFL attempted to blame 3rd parties for the issue (Pic: Getty)

It was feared that people who might have recycled logins and passwords from other websites, could be the reason the issue occurred.

“We encourage all customers not to use the same password for multiple sites,” they said.

The London transport body have said it will contact the customers affected.

The incident has been reported to the National Cyber Security Centre and the British Transport Police.


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