Paedophile step-dad violently raped two girls ‘like a rag doll’ and got one pregnant


The paedophile, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victims, told an eight-year-old he owned her genitals and would refuse to feed her unless she performed sex acts, the court heard.

She was “thrown around like a rag doll” when he dragged her off to her mum’s bedroom to be sexually assaulted, judge Paul Higham said.

In one instance, the paedophile step-dad, aged in his 40s, was watching horses on TV when he made the young victim perform oral sex.

He told her he would kill her family if she told anyone, County Court Victoria, Australia, heard.

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SICK: The step-dad impregnated one of his victims after years of harrowing abuse (Pic: GETTY STOCK)

“You are a sustained, persistent, sexual predator and violator of children”

Judge Higham

The girl told her mum he physically assaulted her at the age of 10, but did not reveal the sexual nature of the abuse until she was in Year 9.

When his relationship with that victim’s mum ended, he married another woman who lived with two daughters, one of whom he started abusing.

This marriage lasted six years and had began to fall apart when the 16-year-old victim was showing signs of pregnancy.

The abuse was first reported to police in 2016, just months after the second victim gave birth.

Victim impact statements by both girls stated they missed out on a normal childhood due to abuse.

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BETRAYAL: The victims lost their childhoods to his violent sexual urges (Pic: GETTY STOCK)

The second victim said she dreaded telling her baby the truth of her paternity when she was older.

She suffers from PTSD, anxiety and post natal depression.

The victim’s mum said she felt “guilty”, the court was told.

Judge Higham told the paedophile: “You had become part of your victim’s family, your offending occurred in the home where your victims were entitled to feel safe.

“As a parental figure, they had a right to look to you for guidance, for parental care, for love and security.

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TRAUMA: The victim who had his child has anxiety, PTSD and post natal depression (Pic: GETTY STOCK)

“Instead, at the time of your offending, their respective homes became the place you preyed on them for the purpose of your own sexual gratification.”

Judge Higham added that the predator had shown “little, if any remorse”.

“You are a sustained, persistent, sexual predator and violator of children,” Judge Higham said.

“You had one face for your partner, and another completely different face for your victims.

“You are a danger to women and their female children, and the community needs protection from you.”

The man will be eligible for parole after serving 14 years and is on the sex offenders’ register for life.


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