Palm oil 'bergs' begin washing up over British beaches


“This can be very dangerous so please keep a close eye on your dogs when walking them on any beaches.”

Palm oil is a natural and edible vegetable oil, which is commonly used in food processing and as a raw ingredient. But it can easily become contaminated with fuel waste, bacteria and other toxins.

Animal experts warn it is toxic – TV vet Marc Abraham says owners should not let their dogs approach the blobs which are covered in deadly germs.

“Dogs will pick up anything on the beach, from pebbles, to food to palm oil” he warned. “These things can cause two-fold problems, the first is gastro, the second is foreign body obstructions.

“As the palm oil is so gelatinous it can get lodged in the oesophagus and require emergency surgery.”

 Vets Now said “It is an edible vegetable oil derived from the pulp of the fruit of African, American and Maripa palms. It is used in processed foods, toiletries and as a biofuel. Large ships also use palm oil as a tank cleaning agent.

“With dogs, if eaten it can cause sickness, diarrhoea, dehydration and, in extreme cases, pancreatitis. It can also cause blockages in the gut due to its semi-solid state.”


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