Pammy’s love rival breaks silence with cryptic Instagram post hinting at heart ache insisting her priority is her kids


ADIL Rami’s model ex has broken her silence over his public split with Pamela Anderson.

Sidonie Biémont, 37, mother to twins she shares with the France footballer posted a cryptic message on Instagram following the back-and-forth between Pam and her ex.

Sidonie made it clear that her priority amid the drama was her twin boys
the underwear model remained coy and cryptic on Instagram
Ramis ex posted the cryptic message, written in French to Instagram

Taking to Instagram – the social media app of choice for Pamela and Adil’s public breakup – Sidonie shared a screenshot of a cryptic message in French.

Translated, it reads “When we are in love we are often deaf and blind … We hang on to all, at the slightest sign, we interpret, we over-react, we leave room for the biggest lies.

“When you’re in love you want to believe most of all we dream that one day the family come together, we said we was right to choose this person for half, it idealizes… we apologize, we forgive, we minimize …

“Then one day one wakes up annihilated and one sinks in. I have been very in love with Adil.

You are both very beautiful but really naive

Sidonie BiémontInstagram

“My priorities have always been my two loves: Zayn and Madi, they will remain so My dearest wish is for them instilling honesty and self-respect.”

It seems that Sidonie is rising above the drama, highlighting that her main priority are her twin boys, Zayn and Madi whom she shares with the footballer.

However, captioning the post, Sidonie does appear to take a dig at Pamela calling her an “elderly mistress” and referring to herself as Rami’s “legitimate wife” – although this could be a translation error.

The caption raises a whole host of questions – it seems that Sidonie, who says that Pam was a “mother” for Rami, still thinks of himself as Rami’s “lover”, despite him having been in a relationship with Pam for two years.

Sidonie also talks about a “publicity stunt,” following comments from Pam on Instagram about French tabloids and how the footballer “controls” them.


Translated from French, the caption reads “It’s a complicated story.

“A man drops his sublime wife and leaves it in plan with two very young children for a star of old age to be his mother.

“The star in question learns that in fact his lover would still be with his wife? I do not see the problem. One can not deceive one’s elderly mistress with one’s legitimate wife.

“So if the mistress’s side, her reaction is strange.

“But yours is even more incomprehensible? What was he telling you? That it was a publicity stunt for his career? That was wrong? And you believed it ??

“My mother always told me better a good cake to several than a bad one alone. In any case, faithful men are rare.

“And the harem had at least the merit of transparency.

“You are both very beautiful but really naive.”


Sidonie had been with Rami 5 years before their split, which would place the beginning of their relationship around 2012.

The pair reportedly met at a The French Open, where Sidonie, a model, was working in the VIP box, with media describing it as “love at first sight”.

Five years later Sidonie gave birth to twin boys, Madi and Zayn.

Throughout her modelling career the ex-WAG has worked with some big brands, including Adidas, had a long-running spot on a popular French late night chat show and also runs a jewellery designing business.

Despite having over 80,000 Instagram followers, the model’s social media presence is fairly low profile – which makes her cryptic message all the more poignant.

The pair’s marriage broke apart around June 2017 after Rami was pictured with Pamela and rumours circulated that they had been dating.

However, media reports allege that around the same time, Rami was spotted attending a party with his wife by his side.

[Pamela] has a wonderful “persistent, attentive and jealous” French boyfriend

The Times

Pammy and Rami made things media-official when the Baywatch star briefly discussed their relationship in an interview with The Times in November 2017.

Describing her time in France after upping sticks and moving there to be with Rami, The Times reports “[Pamela] has a wonderful “persistent, attentive and jealous” French boyfriend who tells her she is a woman who “n’a pas d’âge”. When I ask how old he is, she says, “I don’t care.”

Around Christmas of that year, a now deleted Instagram post shows Sidonie and Rami with their twin sons at Disneyland Paris.

According to reports, the caption of the post allegedly read “6 years of love, 2 beautiful children, and our paths have separated, he remains today an extraordinary dad and a smart man who thinks of his family above all.

“Thank you for respecting our new life choices Merry Christmas to all.”

In September 2018 Pamela split from Rami after he gave her a promise ring.

Allegedly the pair had discussed marriage, but Pam decided against it – reportedly worried that she was standing between him and his kids and moved out of their mansion in the south of France.


In March of this year the couple got things back on track – reportedly against the advice of Pam’s pals who were concerned about Rami’s behaviour.

This week Pam dumped the footballer, branding him a “monster” and claimed he had been living a double life.

Pam made the allegations on Instagram, also saying that he had “controlled” the minds and hearts of her and love rival, Sidonie – and saying that she was sure there were other women involved in Rami’s relationships with both women.

In the comments of that post Pam also wrote “I’m glad I spoke to his ex.

“My God. He lied to her about all too. She’s also in shock and is very sad. It’s the evidence I needed to move on.

“He can’t hurt us more. He warned me that all the tabloids in France are his and his sisters friends?

“They control all – So my last note is here on Instagram.”

It’s unclear whether Pam is alluding to a crossover in her and Sidonie’s relationships with the footballer, and Sidonie is yet to comment on the allegations.

Sidonie and Rami’s current relationship status is currently not known, however Sidonie sparked rumours when it was discovered that just days before Rami’s split from Pamela she posted a video on Instagram in which she mouths the lyrics to a song about break-ups.

In the comments fans probed the model as to whether the video was a dig at her ex over his split with Pam, but she maintained silence.

Rami has hit back at Pamela in an Instagram post, where he details his “respect” for the mother of his children, Sidonie.

Pam is yet to comment on her love rival’s cryptic post, as is Rami.

In a now deleted Instagram post, Madi and Zayn’s famous parents reunited for a Christmas family day out at Disneyland Paris
In happier times, Sidonie was a popular French WAG

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