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Parents lose sleep worrying about kids reaching milestones

A study of 1,000 parents found 29 percent worried whether their baby had learned to roll over at the ‘right time’, while nearly a quarter were apprehensive about when they should start to walk. Potty training and sleeping through the night are other main milestones parents were concerned their kids were not meeting ‘on time’.

A staggering 49 percent admitted they have lost sleep over the rate of their child’s advancement.

And while a quarter said they put the pressure on themselves, 34 percent had their fears heightened by friends who have children, while 33 percent worried more as a result of social media.

Nicole Hallak, from Pampers, which commissioned the research ahead of the launch of the new Pampers Active Fit range, said: “It’s clear from the research that parents are incredibly keen to give their children the best start in life.

“It’s important to remember that babies and children develop at different rates and not to let their own expectations, or those of others, cause undue stress.

“We are committed to the happy, healthy development of every baby and want parents to feel confident that their children are developing at their own pace and have the right nappy to aid this.”

The study also found that 45 percent of parents worried their child didn’t develop at the rate they should have, with more than eight in 10 comparing their child to others the same age.

And more than half even consulted a health professional about their baby’s suspected overdue advancement.

But nearly a quarter believe the expectations they had in terms of their child’s development were ‘unrealistic’.

Nearly a quarter of those polled, via OnePoll, admitted to stressing too much about milestones, with 24 percent easily influenced by friends and family.

Another 24 percent also felt judged by others due to their child’s enthusiastic behaviour in public as they started to become more active.

However, 48 percent of respondents wanted to ensure their child still developed at their own pace.

It also emerged 55 percent of parents feel they’ve benefited from being at home more during the pandemic as they have witnessed more of their child’s milestones than they would have done before.

Nicole Hallak, from Pampers, added: “The positive impact of recent changes to parents’ working patterns means they have been more present to witness and help their babies develop.

“As a baby starts exploring and becomes more mobile, they need a nappy that provides trusted fit, comfort and reliable protection to keep up with their moves – that’s why our newest offering is specifically for growing babies to provide our best-ever wriggle-proof fit.”

Top 15 developmental milestones parents worry about

1. Potty training

2. Walking

3. Sleeping through the night

4. Saying their first word

5. Rolling over

6. Using a knife and fork

7. Sitting up

8. Crawling

9. Using a cup

10. Understanding simple instructions

11. Teething

12. Weaning

13. Scribbling

14. Jumping

15. Babbling


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